Aircraft Owners

If you are an aircraft owner without a management company, FlySkills can provide you with all the support you need to achieve a safe and hygienic environment for you, your passengers and crew.


FlySkills Aircraft Hygiene Certification Program

FlySkills can provide operators with the following services quickly and efficiently to achieve a safer, hygienic environment:

* All of our procedures have been validated by Socotec.

  • Aircraft pre-flight hygiene procedures.*
  • Aircraft post-flight hygiene procedures.*
  • Crew and passenger hygiene precautions.*
  • Aircraft crew PPE packages.
  • Aircraft passenger PPE packages.
  • Professional advice and support in the application of procedures and products.

In addition, aircraft owners will be able to demonstrate to their families, passengers, crew and staff that they have achieved the highest hygiene standards through the following services leading to FlySkills Aircraft Hygiene Certification:

  • Crew training and exam packages.
  • Monthly compliance auditing plan.
  • Access to the FlySkills Hygiene Certified Suppliers List.

Successful Audit

Following successful audit, operators will receive FlySkills Aircraft Hygiene Certification enabling the following


Individual aircraft certification.

Inclusion on Suppliers List

Inclusion on the FlySkills Hygiene Certified Suppliers list that is provided to FBOs and NAAs.

How It Works

FlySkills staff are ready to provide whatever support you need. Simply contact us and we will discuss your requirements and tailor specific support packages to your needs.